I charge £90 per hour of tuition, discounted to £60 if you are at school in the state sector in Oxford. 

For you and a friend sharing a lesson I charge £60 each per hour, or £40 each if you are in the state sector. 

My fee includes all resources for the lesson - most of which are created by me - and also access to question practice, exam papers and revision resources. You can also e-mail me between lessons with any quick queries or if you are stuck on a question. I can provide you with further details about exactly what I provide and how I work if you contact me.

I recognise that my fee is high compared to many other tutoring services you may come across, but it is favourable when compared to other highly qualified and experienced tutors like me. I don’t think excellent teaching should just be the preserve of those who can most easily afford it and I am committed to providing support as widely as possible. I was educated in the state sector, so I am particularly keen to support my local state comprehensive schools, where both of my children attend. 

There are lots of tutoring options out there for you, but do think about what you are paying for: 


While an Oxford PhD student or undergraduate certainly knows some chemistry, there is more to good teaching and exam preparation than that. In addition to teaching qualifications and therefore an understanding of pedagogy, an ability to communicate abstract ideas easily at the right level is key. Add to that many years of teaching experience, examining experience, a range of ideas about study skills and revision techniques, and an in-depth knowledge of how the examinations system works and then you start to see the kind of extras that you automatically access when you choose a full-time professional tutor with a teaching background. This combination of knowledge and skills (along with a committed student!) provide the best course to achieving the goals you are working towards.

Regarding tutors that cost a lot more and sometimes describe themselves as 'elite', it's not always the case that paying more gets you anything better. In particular, if you go through any agency, they take a (sizeable) proportion of the hourly rate the tutor charges. As an independent tutor I try to keep my fee realistic compared to the rest of the tutoring world, while reflecting my extensive experience over many years. Try me for a free lesson and see what you think.  

Lesson Location And Availability

Lessons used to take place at my home in North Oxford! I am just off the Woodstock Road about half way up between the centre and Wolvercote. Having lessons at my home is better than me coming to you: if I have all of my resources to hand then I can do the best job for you, whichever way the conversation takes us. I have a huge amount of text-books and other paper resources, as well as computer based resources such as videos and websites, plus models and other visual bits and pieces that may be useful. Right now, with the limitations that Covid-19 is placing upon us, all lessons are online. I can upload any paper resource that I would have used 'live' into our teaching room, and videos can also be shared, so aside from the physical molecular models, it is pretty much the same experience.

I am available to teach at the following times during term time, and by arrangement at some times during school holidays:

Monday :   

Tuesday : 

Wednesday : 

Thursday : 

Friday :

8:30am to 6:00pm 

8:30am to 6:00pm 

8:30am to 6:00pm 

8:30am to 6:00pm 

1:00pm to 6:00pm 

Most of my A level students have their lessons during the school day - in their free periods or over lunch. This works really well for most people and keeps the school working day within the expected time limits, with the tuition slotting in nicely. 

Even so, the after school times do tend to get taken very quickly - quite often they are are already filled at the start of the academic year with people that were on a waiting list for them from the previous term, or longer. And of course GCSE students can only have lessons after school in the first place. If you know that you can only have lessons after school, do get in touch as soon as possible and I'll do my best to accommodate you. 



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