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Group Tuition


Exam Technique in Year 13 

When people get in touch for tuition, one of the things they often say they have trouble with is exam technique. This is a pretty catch-all phrase as it could be concealing problems with understanding the theory in the first place - which some regular tuition can help to address. But even if you 'get it', translating that to good exam answers is a separate skill - and one which schools and college don't spend much time focusing on. The simple reason for this is that there is quite a lot of time pressure to get through the content - and so not much time to teach you how to answer the questions. With my track record as a teacher and tutor, together with my experience of marking A level chemistry papers, I’m able to tell you exactly what you need to do.


Separately to the individual tuition, I run courses for small groups to focus on exam technique, helping you with the skills you need and providing you with important practice - all to help you feel more confident and improve your grade. A lot of my individual private students decide to take these courses alongside their regular tuition, but they are very much stand alone.   

The key things to note are: 

  • Courses are for Year 13 students working towards AQA, OCR A or Edexcel exams 

  • Courses start in September and are initially for 10 weeks online (5 each half term), covering most of the key aspects of Year 12 content in the Autumn Term.

  • Two optional extra sessions on moles calculations can be added on during the Autumn Term.

  • In the Spring Term students can choose to continue to look at Year 13 topics. 

  • Courses for 2024-25 will be on Thursdays and either Mondays or Tuesdays (yet to be confirmed), starting at either 5:30pm or 5:45pm (tbc) from September.

  • Group size is a maximum of 7 students.

  • The cost of the course is £40 per person per session, discounted to £25 for my existing individual students that join the group sessions alongside their regular tuition. 

  • For each session's fee I provide: my own full topic teaching notes, a 'Top Tips' sheet focusing on exam technique and sets of questions / mark schemes that I have selected - typically around 15 questions (with parts) per pack. I also record the explanations I give during each session and share these with students afterwards.

The sessions are very ‘active’ on the students' part. Timed questions are answered one at a time and with immediate feedback in real time to each student while they answer, where each person is in a private online room that only I can see. After each question I go through the answer pointing out key pitfalls and explaining how the question should be approached.


After each session each student gets a pdf of the contents of their 'room' which includes all that they wrote and my hints / annotations that were added during the session. At this time I also send them links to the videos described above.   


Free short trial sessions are available (and indeed required!) so that you can find out what the sessions will feel like - and how the online tools work. I then ask students to commit half a term at a time and pay for the 5 sessions ahead. If you are unable to attend any of the sessions for any reason, you will still have access to all the resources listed above.

Two testimonials from the 2021/22 groups:

"With my A Levels rapidly approaching and, as a person who can get very worked up by exam stress, I have found Ezi's group sessions a great addition to my independent revision. I have loved the fast paced, engaging nature of the sessions (each one tailored to a different topic) and the personal feedback Ezi gives on your answers. Possibly the best part of being one of Ezi's students is the amazing bank of resources she provides both before the session - her own top tips and preview questions so you can come into each session with a base understanding of what's to come and to accompany the sessions, and a huge amount of past paper questions and mark schemes to complete in your own time. Over the last few months these have been the focus of my revision. It seems near impossible to find anyone more knowledgeable about the A Level syllabus then Ez and her teaching style is so encouraging and positive, I could not recommend her enough."

Student achieved Grade A

*The group sessions were really useful tool in year 13 to go over topics which I had learnt in year 12 to keep revision ticking over. The sessions were great as it was timed practise but there were always extra questions to do if you had finished. Also I found it really helpful as if I got stuck, Ezi gave us hints to help us along and reach the answer ourselves instead of just giving up and not being able to do the question. And the questions packs we did had a wide range of questions and after completing them I felt much more confident at each topic."

Student achieved Grade A*

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