Group Tuition


Exam Technique in Year 13

When people get in touch for tuition, one of the things they often say they have trouble with is exam technique. This is a pretty catch-all phrase as it could be concealing problems with understanding the theory in the first place - which some regular tuition can help to address. But even if you 'get it', translating that to good exam answers is a separate skill - and one which schools and college don't spend much time focusing on. The simple reason for this is that there is quite a lot of time pressure to get through the content - and so not much time to teach you how to answer the questions. With my track record as a teacher and tutor, together with my experience of marking A level chemistry papers, I’m able to tell you exactly what you need to do.


Separately to the individual tuition, I run courses for small groups to focus on exam technique, teaching you the skills you need and providing you with important practice - all to help you feel more confident and improve your grade. A lot of my individual private students decide to take these courses alongside their regular tuition, but they are very much stand alone.   

The key things to note are: 

  • Courses are for Year 13 students working towards AQA, OCR A or Edexcel exams 

  • Courses start in September and are for 10 weeks online, covering all key aspects of Year 12 content

  • Optional extra sessions on moles calculations can be added on 

  • Courses for 2021 are on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 5:30pm starting in September

  • Group size is a maximum of 7 students

  • The cost of the course is £25 per person per session

  • A Top Tips sheet and extra question resources will be provided with every session

The sessions are very ‘active’ on the students' part. Each one starts with some initial advice about answering questions on the topic of the day, followed by timed questions to answer one at a time and with immediate feedback. Importantly, even though we'll be a group, I’ll be able to see how each student is doing with the questions, but the other members of the group will not. 


Free short trial sessions are available so that you can find out what the courses will feel like. 

There will also be the option to continue into a similar course covering Year 13 content in January.