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References and Testimonials

It’s always lovely to receive a ‘thank-you’ message when students move on, and over the years I have kept some of them in a keepsake box. Below are some extracts from a few of the cards / notes / e-mails I have received over the years and some of the testimonials people have written for me.

"With my A Levels rapidly approaching and, as a person who can get very worked up by exam stress, I have found Ezi's group sessions a great addition to my independent revision. I have loved the fast paced, engaging nature of the sessions (each one tailored to a different topic) and the personal feedback Ezi gives on your answers. Possibly the best part of being one of Ezi's students is the amazing bank of resources she provides both before the session - her own top tips and preview questions so you can come into each session with a base understanding of what's to come and to accompany the sessions, and a huge amount of past paper questions and mark schemes to complete in your own time. Over the last few months these have been the focus of my revision. It seems near impossible to find anyone more knowledgeable about the A Level syllabus then Ez and her teaching style is so encouraging and positive, I could not recommend her enough."

A Level Exam Technique Group Sessions Student 2022 - Grade A

"Ezi, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the tutoring and the support you gave my daughter through her chemistry A Level course. You encouraged her love for the subject and she was so often buzzing with excitement after her lessons with you. You guys seemed to have great chemistry together!! She loved getting into the nitty gritty with you and understanding how it is all interconnected and went into her exams feeling really well prepared. You have been an amazing tutor and I couldn't recommend you enough."

Parent of A Level student 2022 - Grade A

"For context, I am a mature student who sought out Ezi's services via recommendation. In my late 20s I decided to change careers into medicine and needed to complete a Chemistry A level qualification (at grade A) to do so.

I am so grateful and delighted that I found Ezi! She is a subject matter expert and she is a superb teacher in so many ways. She was able to break down complex concepts and interlink topics, and she really helped me to grasp the necessary physics underpinning chemical reactions. She took the time to really understand my background (not a lot of science and I completed secondary school in the USA.) She guided me through the many aspects of sitting an A level, from study and exam taking techniques to understanding the UK and exam board grading systems. Not only does she know the Edexcel specification back to front, but she was incredibly helpful at guiding me through what concepts underpinned the practicals. I think it is important to add that Ezi has a gift for making chemistry super fun and enjoyable! You can tell how passionate she is about the world of chemistry. I hugely appreciated how she brought a fresh bout of motivation and enthusiasm to every session we did. She always showed up in wonderful spirits and I felt she was really invested in my success. Thank you again Ezi for everything.

I could not recommend an A level chemistry tutor enough! Don't hesitate to get in touch with her as it will be the best thing you can do!"

Mature A Level student 2022

"Ezi is an exquisite tutor who, having only started lessons in the second year of A level studies, helped me improve my grade from a predicted C to my final result of a solid A. However, I would argue that more importantly, Ezi teaches with a passion that would make anyone kindle an interest in chemistry. I enjoyed our lessons so much that I am now switching from a physics-oriented university course to a chemistry-oriented university course. If you're a student struggling with motivation, interest or general A level content in chemistry, look no further than Ezi Williams."

A Level student 2019 - Grade A

"Ezi's help was absolutely invaluable in helping me get the A grade in Chemistry that I needed to go to my chosen university. Ezi is extremely generous with her time and her abundance of detailed notes proved a vital addition to school resources. Ezi is able to explain the most complicated A-level concepts both clearly and concisely; she is always patient, even if you make the same mistakes each week (!); she has a contagious passion for Chemistry, meaning that by the end of Year 13, I learned not just to understand, but to love the subject."

A Level student 2019 going on to study history at Cambridge - Grade A

"Ezi completely transformed my confidence surrounding Chemistry A-level. She has been amazing and has helped me out so much when it comes to genuinely understanding chemistry concepts rather than memorising what the textbooks have to say about them. She has not only been patient with all the questions I’ve had to ask but also so willing to answer them all until I have completely grasped the full concept. I don’t have enough praise for Ezi and I am very lucky to have had to incredible tutoring!"

A Level student 2019 going on to study medicine - Grade A*

"Ezi, now we are nearly at the end I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given *******. Whatever the outcome of her exam what is important for me is that you took her from thinking she had made a mistake choosing Chemistry to absolutely loving her subject (despite the challenge of getting to grips with the content). That, for me, is true education, not the vicissitudes of a 3 hour exam. What she has learned will set her up for whatever she wants to do in the future. Thank you so much."

Parent of A Level student in 2019 going on to study ecology - Grade B

"We wanted to let you know that ******* got his bac results on Friday. His written paper was 9.6 and his final mark 9.71 in Chemistry. His overall average is 93.18. So he is going to UCL!!! We are all very-very pleased about this and want to thank you again for all your wonderful support. These lessons really have changed *******: have given him confidence, and helped him understand how to think and how to experiment with ideas, including take risks." 

Parent of online European Baccalaureate student in 2019 going on to study chemistry - A* equivalent

"As a new year dawns I do want to sincerely thank you again for all you have done for ******* over this last 12 months. It was an incredibly good result for her and it has got ******* into the RVC and vet school! Your kind support and wonderful teaching methods  are inspirational, together with your belief and confidence you gave *******,  which have allowed her to achieve this fabulous result. You have certainly given her the key to the door of vet school."

Parent of A level retake student 2018 - Grade A 

"Ezi Williams has solely taught my son the entire Chemistry A level syllabus over the last two years and I thoroughly recommend her as a tutor. Ezi has a love for her subject which shines through in her lessons and is highly contagious - my son now loves Chemistry! Ezi is highly experienced, organised and also has an extensive knowledge of the subject that she teaches - she has been able to extend beyond the syllabus whenever questions are asked. She has an amazing rapport with her students and my son looked forward to his lessons with her. Ezi is a gem of a tutor and I’m so pleased that we found her when we did!"

Parent of a home-schooled boy taking A level sciences and mathematics 2016 – Grade A*

"I have gone through many chemistry tutors in my life and I am certain that Ezi is the best by far! She knows how to teach chemistry by making good analogies and having great notes on each part of the A-level spec. Her teaching methods are outstanding and It is obvious that she has been a teacher at a leading all girls school before becoming a tutor. Ezi has took me from a mediocre student to a very good chemist in a year of intense work. Each lesson was extremely productive and Ezi herself wants her students to do well in their exams which I find very important. She has never had a problem to donate some of her free time in order to help me with some more complex questions or bits of the spec that I found tricky understanding. Overall I can 100% recommend her to anyone needing help with chemistry." 

A level student 2016 – just 2 marks off an A*

"Ezi Williams taught our son from Year 11 to Year 13 (age 15-18 years) She taught him Chemistry Edexcel iGCSE he was home schooled at this time, he took this in January Year 11 and obtained an A* - Ezi then went on to tutor him for an hour every two weeks for the two year A level Chemistry OCR course - he is predicted an A* in this - Ezi has always been an unbelievably enthusiastic, knowledgable, caring and helpful tutor - with some great ideas/hints for making the learning easier, she also provided very helpful exam question sets on each section - she is by far the best tutor our son has ever had - we have now asked her if she can tutor both our daughters in Chemistry too!"

Parent of A level student 2016 – Grade A*

"Ezi rode to our rescue after my daughter had failed to take her A Levels due to extreme exam nerves. Ezi’s well-honed, systematic approach to Chemistry and her long experience in teaching A level exam technique are excellent. But it was her upbeat approach and obvious enthusiasm for her subject, combined with her endless patience and adaptability that enabled my daughter to sit the exam this summer. Ezi managed to inspire her with the confidence and purpose to keep going in her least liked subject, as well as supporting her in overcoming a couple of last minute panics on the way. I can warmly recommend Ezi to anyone needing a good grade in A level Chemistry."

Parent of A level student 2016 – Grade A

"Ezi has tutored both our daughter and now our son through their A level Chemistry. Her resources are excellent and thorough and she knows the course inside out. She inspired and developed a love of Chemistry for both my children and her teaching was always tailored to their individual needs. A fantastic tutor and we feel lucky to have discovered her."

Parent of A level students 2014 and 2016 – Grades B and A

"Ezi helped me throughout my two years of A-level chemistry studies. I really enjoyed the way she taught me, how she presented her notes and questions and as well as the way she structured her lessons which really helped the understanding of the science not just to achieving high marks. Throughout the two years, she gave me tremendous amount of help. I have had many chemistry tutors before during GCSE studies and previous science studies, but none of them are as professional, as clear and as organised as Ezi. She also comes from a strong teaching background. Having used to teach in one of the top schools in the country, I think Ezi is the best chemistry tutor out there. She was very kind!"

A level student 2015 who went on to study Materials Science at Imperial College – Grade A 

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful guidance and tuition you have given xxxx this year. I have no doubts that she would not be in the position she is today without your support and encouragement. Not only have you taught her chemistry (and she now loves the subject) but you have also taught her how to study properly on her own, to enjoy the satisfaction of learning for herself and to aim high." 

Parent of a student who gained a place at medical school after retaking AS and continuing with A2, 2012.

"When we came to you six months ago my daughter was predicted a Grade D in Chemistry. Naturally, her confidence and self-esteem were rock bottom. You addressed this, taught her rigorously but with encouragement and enthusiasm, and today she got her result: a Grade A. She says her teacher was astonished. This will also serve to give her confidence in other subjects. My daughter and I cannot thank you enough." 

Parent of private tutee Jan 2011, GCSE - Grade A

“Dear Ezi, I wanted to write and thank you for all the amazing help you gave xxxxx during her A level year. Each time she had a topic that she had been struggling with you managed to convey the information to her in a way she understood and more importantly - could retain clearly for the exam. She enjoyed her sessions with you and she has been left with an abiding love of Chemistry that will stay with her all her life. We were both delighted to hear that you plan to provide one to one tuition full-time to pupils. I am sure that they will benefit from the confidence that you helped instill in xxxxx. I am only sad you plan to do this in Oxford - we have a 16 year old son planning to take Chemistry A level as well and I had hoped to send him to you for some extra help as well. He will have to rely on his elder sister - her exam results were all we could have wished for, in the new scheme of marking her A* result would have been more than assured. Best of luck with your move to Oxford and do please give me your new contact details when you have moved, Many thanks from both of us, xxxxx” 

Parent of private tutee 2008-2009.

“Dear Dr. P. Thank-you so much for all my chemistry this year. I have really enjoyed the lessons and appreciated your kindness and humour. I never felt awkward to say I didn’t understand which meant a lot and you always explained stuff in an accessible way without making it seem as though you were dumbing it down. I was always grateful for that” 

GCSE student at St. Paul's 2007-2009.

“……… if it were not for that lunchtime chat about what actually happens when atoms collide, I’m not sure that my Oxford interview would have gone so smoothly the following week…….” 

A level student at St. Paul's 2008 who went on to study chemistry at Oxford and then for a PhD in Berkeley USA. 

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