Other Tutors

Since moving from school teaching into tutoring in 2010, I have met some highly professional tutors who do their absolute best to support their students. A wealth of experience and real dedication enables them to do this and I feel privileged to know them. Click on their names to go to the individual websites...


It might seem a bit strange recommending other chemistry tutors (i.e. my competition!), but If I cannot fit you in for lessons, I want to point you in the right direction for help that I can wholeheartedly recommend. All of the below are complete professionals, devoted to chemistry and helping people understand it: 


Nigel Straney (Chemistry, Queen's University Belfast) is a hugely experienced teacher and examiner. He's been teaching chemistry for over 25 years and knows the GCSE and A Level specifications inside out. First as a teacher in UK and international schools he is now fully online.  

Dr. Carl Thirsk (PhD Chemistry, Durham) was a chemistry teacher, now online tutor with a great track record. He teaches all A level, GCSE, iGCSE courses as well as the IB - which not many people have experience of. 

Paul Morgan was a chemistry teacher and has more recently been tutoring online since 2012. Before that he worked for the Atomic Energy Authority in Sellafield as a nuclear waste research manager. 



Dr. Natasha Coates (PhD Biology, Christchurch Oxford) is a wonderful tutor working in the Oxford area. She has been tutoring since 2012 and is also a Senior Examiner for Biology. Natasha completed her D. Phil. at Oxford University before moving into research in the private sector, where she stayed for a number of years. As well as tutoring Biology at all levels, Natasha also tutors Chemistry and Physics to GCSE. 

Matthew Barnes (Biology, Exeter Oxford) is an online tutor who taught in Oxford for more than 25 years and but has now gone global! He has degrees in zoology, entomology and tropical agriculture and tutors all the UK A-level and GCSE examination boards. As he has taught so many international students he has gained a unique insight into the problems encountered by students preparing for British public examinations overseas. 

Nicky Tweedle​ (Microbiology, Liverpool) has been teaching Biology for over 20 years, is an experienced examiner, and has been a full time tutor since 2011. She offers one to one tuition and also weekly groups for A level Biology Masterclasses. She is friendly and approachable with a wealth of knowledge that has helped many students achieve top grades in biology, helping them on their way to their first choice universities In high demand courses such as medicine and vet. science.  


Chris Hack (Physics, Cambridge) is Oxford based and has an impressive teaching record. He taught physics at St. Paul's Girls' School in London, following that with Head of Physics at Magdalen College School in Oxford. He has prepared lots of students for Oxbridge entry and also has maths and computing strings to his bow. 

Paul Cartwright (Physics, Oxford and Durham) is an online physics tutor who is very highly regarded. Originally in Oxford, he is now fully online. I've known Paul since I started tutoring in 2010, but he was tutoring well before that! He's absolutely great. 

Sam Jordan is a well-known physics tutor, examiner and author of physics textbooks for Scholastic - the largest publisher of educational text books in the world. He teaches all the exam boards for A level and GCSE both in the UK and internationally. 

Nick Osborne (Physics, Manchester) is very well-respected has been teaching Physics for over 25 years, first as a teacher and Head of Physics and now exclusively online since 2014. 

Dr. Clare Turner (PhD, Manchester) is a qualified Maths teacher and has a doctorate in mechanical engineering - the perfect skill set to teach both Physics and Maths from KS3 to A level. She also does GCSE Astronomy, which I didn't even know was a thing until my kids went to secondary school! 

Dr. Alex Vearey-Roberts (PhD Physics, Aberystwyth) teaches Physics and Maths to A Level, but also has lots of experience in preparing students for SATs and ACTs for entry to US universities. 


Sue Clear (Mathematics, Oxford) taught maths and was Head of Department in independent schools in Oxford for many years before moving to tutoring more than 25 years ago. She is one of the most experienced and respected tutors in Oxford and can be utterly relied upon.

Dr. Muhammed Ali (PhD Physics, Cambridge) has found his calling as a maths tutor. He is very highly regarded and teaches maths to all levels from 7+ up to A level 1 to 1 and in groups.

Roger Green (Mathematics, Coventry and Kent) is a private maths tutor with over 45 years (yes!) of experience, tutoring online for the last 10 years. He was Head of Maths at St. Paul's Girls' school (where we met), Latymer Upper School and Godolphin & Latymer School. He tutors all the way from 7+ up to undergraduate level and also provides support for a number of uni entrance exams such as BMAT, MAT and STEP. You can contact him via e-mail at roggreeny@gmail.com.

Alex Walton is filed here under 'Maths' but actually also teaches Physics and Chemistry to A level. He is quite the polymath - it's a rare person that can teach all these subjects to this standard! Alex also helps with a wide range of uni entrance exams such as BMAT and NSAA. 

Matthew Handy (MA Cambridge) has been teaching Maths and Physics since 1992 and has an excellent record both as a teacher in top schools and as a  tutor. He has been tutoring full time since 2006. He has particular expertise in preparing students for Oxbridge applications for the STEP papers and MAT and PAT.  


Penny Chivers has been teaching and tutoring Maths from KS2 to GCSE for 14 years. She is all about back to basics and building confidence,    


Dr. Sophie Breese (PhD English, Oxford) is a fantastic friend and colleague of mine from St. Paul’s who now teaches online from her home in France. I know her very well indeed and she is simply an outstanding teacher of English. In 2009 she was made a ‘Teacher Trailblazer’ by the Poetry Society, and prior to working at St. Paul’s Sophie taught English at Oxford University.

Amanda J Harrington is an amazing English teacher who I can absolutely vouch for as she teaches one of my children! She is also a very successfully published author of many books, both fiction and education related. KS3, GCSE, A Level, creative writing - she has it all! 

Anna Kan has been a teacher of English for many years and is a specialist in English as an additional language. She runs Oxfordshire Academic which provides English classes in small groups or one-to-one tuition for both GCSE and A level. 



Hannah Ellis (Biology, St. Andrew's) teaches both Geography and Biology to A Level and also help prepare students for BMAT and UCAT for applications to medicine. She has been tutoring full time since 2009 and has been the top rated tutor on one of the leading online tutoring agency sites in the UK for 4 years!


Rebekah Elliott is a qualified teacher since 2003 and moved into tutoring in 2011. She teaches History and English to A Level and also verbal and non-verbal reasoning, alongside some primary school maths and 11+ and 13+ preparation. 

Psychology and Sociology

Vicki Marie Piper-Venn has been teaching and tutoring Psychology and Sociology for over 13 years and in this instance I can personally vouch that she is a wonderful tutor as she has taught one of my own children! She knows her subjects inside out and is infinitely patient!

Religious Studies and Philosophy

Rachel Jowett  (Philosophy, Leeds) has been tutoring Religious Studies and Philosophy for 9 years and is also a senior examiner for A level. Another niche area that I feel very lucky to be able to recommend in!


Martin Meenagh (Oxford) teaches A Level and IB Economics, A Level History and also undergraduate level History and EU and Constitutional Law. With 25 years experience and an excellent academic record, you are in good hands! 

Business Studies 

Aniello Ursini teaches Business Studies and wide range of related subjects from A Level to postgraduate. He's always in high demand so don't leave it too late!