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Other Tutors

Since moving from school teaching into tutoring in 2010, I have met some highly professional tutors who do their absolute best to support their students. A wealth of experience and real dedication enables them to do this and I feel privileged to know them.


I've listed my particularly close colleagues below. These are people who I have either known for many years, and / or who I have shared students with (I do the chemistry while they support something else...), or they have tutored my own children, or, last but not least they are other great chemists! 

Many others are on a shared platform I am proud to be a founding fellow of - Society of Tutors. Other than the

original creators of a Facebook Group for professional tutors, everyone is there by virtue of invitation, and we

endorse each other by sharing the SoT platform together. We are not an agency, simply a collaboration of highly

dedicated and professional independent tutors.

Please do take a look at the website - the expertise there is so much more than just tutoring. 


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It might seem a bit strange recommending other chemistry tutors (i.e. what some might regard as my competition), but If I cannot fit you in for lessons, I want to point you in the right direction for help that I can wholeheartedly recommend. All of the below are highly knowledgable and totally fantastic tutors: 


Nigel Straney (Chemistry, Queen's University Belfast) is a hugely experienced teacher and examiner. He's been teaching chemistry for over 25 years and knows the GCSE and A Level specifications inside out. First as a teacher in UK and international schools he is now fully online.  

Dr. Carl Thirsk (PhD Chemistry, Durham) was a chemistry teacher, now online tutor with a great track record. He teaches all A level, GCSE, iGCSE courses as well as the IB. This is a particularly useful niche - so much so that since I have met him I have stopped teaching IB and passed on enquiries to him as he knows this course far better than I ever did! 

Dr. Kate Nickson (PhD Chemistry, Cambridge) has 15 years of school teaching experience, including being Head Chemistry, before coming into tutoring a few years ago. Alongside 1-to-1 tutoring, she has worked with many groups of home educated students. 



Dr. Natasha Coates (PhD Biology, Christchurch Oxford) is a wonderful tutor working in the Oxford area. She has been tutoring since 2012 and is also a Senior Examiner for Biology. Natasha completed her D. Phil. at Oxford University before moving into research in the private sector, where she stayed for a number of years. As well as tutoring Biology at all levels, Natasha also tutors Chemistry and Physics to GCSE. 

Matthew Barnes (Biology, Exeter Oxford) is an online tutor who taught in Oxford for more than 25 years and but has now gone global! He has degrees in zoology, entomology and tropical agriculture and tutors all the UK A-level and GCSE examination boards. As he has taught so many international students he has gained a unique insight into the problems encountered by students preparing for British public examinations overseas. 


Chris Hack (Physics, Cambridge) is Oxford based and has an impressive teaching record. He taught physics at St. Paul's Girls' School in London, following that with Head of Physics at Magdalen College School in Oxford. He has prepared lots of students for Oxbridge entry and also has maths and computing strings to his bow. 

Paul Cartwright (Physics, Oxford and Durham) is an online physics tutor who is very highly regarded. Originally in Oxford, he is now fully online. I've known Paul since I started tutoring in 2010, but he was tutoring well before that! He's absolutely great. 

Sam Jordan is a well-known physics tutor, examiner and author of physics textbooks for Scholastic - the largest publisher of educational text books in the world. He teaches all the exam boards for A level and GCSE both in the UK and internationally. 

Dr. Clare Turner (PhD, Manchester) is a qualified Maths teacher and has a doctorate in mechanical engineering - the perfect skill set to teach both Physics and Maths from KS3 to A level. She also does GCSE Astronomy, which I didn't even know was a thing until my kids went to secondary school! I can particularly endorse Clare as she is tutoring my youngest for A Level and before that worked with him in Year 11 for extension maths. 


Roger Green (Mathematics, Coventry and Kent) is a private maths tutor with over 45 years (yes!) of experience, tutoring online for the last 10 years. He was Head of Maths at St. Paul's Girls' school (where we met), Latymer Upper School and Godolphin & Latymer School. He tutors all the way from 7+ up to undergraduate level and also provides support for a number of uni entrance exams such as MAT, STEP and TMUA. You can contact him via e-mail at

Andy Smith is an outstandingly good A-level maths tutor. She is an extension specialist, which can of course lead to MAT, STEP or TMUA. She is hugely experienced and knows not only the courses inside out, but is also an incredible source of information with regard to applying for maths at university. She is currently working with my youngest who will be applying to Oxford to read Maths and Computing. 


Dr. Sophie Breese (PhD English, Oxford) is a fantastic friend and colleague of mine from St. Paul’s who now teaches online from her home in France. I know her very well indeed and she is simply an outstanding teacher of English. In 2009 she was made a ‘Teacher Trailblazer’ by the Poetry Society, and prior to working at St. Paul’s Sophie taught English at Oxford University.

Amanda J Harrington is an amazing English teacher who I can absolutely vouch for as she also taught my youngest when he was doing his GCSEs! Aside from tutoring, Amanda is a very successfully published author of many books, both fiction and education related. KS3, GCSE, A Level, creative writing - she has it all! 

Psychology and Sociology

Vicki Marie Piper-Venn has been teaching and tutoring Psychology and Sociology for over 15 years and in this instance I can personally vouch that she is a wonderful tutor as she has taught my eldest when she was doing her A levels. She knows her subjects inside out and I can tell you that she is infinitely patient!

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